Happy Hour

The name says it all! Happy hour! There is nothing like getting your discounted drink during the middle of a hectic week. Sacartz is the right place to enjoy appetizers and have refreshing drinks that helps one to set tone for the evening of a very busy day. One can enjoy with a collection and variety of drinks provided at Sacartz. This could be either a quiet time after a hectic day or a group from work to discuss more about work or just chill by the end of the day. Appetizers and happy hour go hand in hand and at Sacartz, the freshly made appetizers compliment your drink..

The happy hour timing is every Wednesday from 6pm to 7pm and Sacartz is the best place to hit onto for mid-week work blues. With our exquisite wine, beer and handcrafted cocktails, one can feel the warm and welcoming ambience at Sacartz after work. We also welcome our guests to extend the happy hour to dinner because at Sacartz we have the ambience for great conversations and lip smacking Italian food. You enter for happy hour but leave with a happy evening to cherish that will make you come again and again..