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Sacartz Italian Art Restaurant

Want to have a cozy Italian lunch or comfy dinner in California? If you answered “Yes”, then Sacartz Italian Art Restaurant is the place you need to go. Set up in famous Sacramento at California, Sacartz is for Italian cuisine and art lovers. If you are an art lover or a person who appreciates good art, then Sacartz is a must go restaurant.

The collectibles and displays are full of vibrant colors that portray rich harmony, texture and geometric compositions that can blow your mind. The works of outstanding artists and their playful and whimsical patterns are celebrated here at Sacartz.

Any Italian restaurant is always the best place to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries and at Sacartz we make it even more special with not just fine wine and Italian delicacies, but also with the art work that one can see throughout his time at Sacartz. Apart from just having the fine Italian delicacies, one also gets to know about Italian art in a short span spent here.

Our Mission.

Our mission at Sacartz is to let all our customers around the world to appreciate Italian food along with the rich Italian art. Hence at Sacartz we feature both indoor and outdoor dining options which are a very perfect setting for all types of occasions. The ambience of Sacartz is unbeatable and provides a relaxed atmosphere. The quality and authenticity of our food has no match and is always made by our efficient Italian chefs who know their job. Our chefs are from Italy and hence know the taste palate of our customers and can even tweak the recipe based on the customer’s request

Our Passion.

Our chefs believe in passionate cooking and hence are well trained and efficient in their job. This passion reflects in the menu of Sacartz and we have a wide variety of food that range from authentic Italian recipes to modern interpretations of very own classic Italian dishes. By using local and fresh vegetables, grass-fed beef and fresh fish, we never compromise on taste and quality. We believe in 100% guest delight and strive hard to innovate and satisfy our customers and also customers with special food requirement.

Features of Sacartz.


At Sacartz we provide a wide variety of wine for wine lovers. Only we know that the right glass of an amazing wine can make a wonderful meal even amazing. The wines provided at Sacartz are selected to compliment the authentic dishes that are served. They are bound to enrich the dining experience and take you to straight to Italy. Our award-winning wine collection might be confusing as you will wonder which one to pick as you would want to taste all of them. When in doubt, ask our trained servers who can guide you and help you enhance the joy of your meal and the right wine that can go along with it.

Apart from wines, Sacartz also provides non-alcoholic beverages for customers who need them. These range from juices, smoothies, coffee and iced tea. There are also durations of happy hour that can be utilised by friends and family for a discounted rate on the beverages. These can be relished with the appetizers such as pizza fritter, zucchini bites, Calabrian chicken, calamari, friend mozzarella and so on.

Since the restaurant itself is artsy, we try to bring in the ambience set up for that. Our customers can forget their worries and set in a mood to enjoy their drink and food with flavourful pastas, bread and authentic Italian recipes. Starting from appetizers, soups, salads, entrees and desserts, Sacartz is here to get you experience the Italian food. Sacartz provides with a wide variety of lunch combination that is offered for a nominal rate. Imagine all this for a nominal rate especially in a restaurant that looks as if it is set up in Italy. At Sacartz we encourage reservations as we do not want you to miss your time or your special day at Sacartz.

Sacartz also provides catering facility with the same menu that is available in dine-in. The signature soups and salad will help add color to you party or get-together and is sure to impress your guests. Sacartz also provides vegetarian, vegan and gluten-sensitive salad and entrees. We cater to all types of people and also take care of our tiny tots who visit us for lunch or dinner. Kid’s special includes kid’s entrees, drinks and desserts. Kids are sure to enjoy the meal and make the experience for the entire family a memorable one. For special diet such as vegan, nut-free food and gluten free food, our staff is sure to help you out. These can also be included for catering and make your big day be it a wedding or a party a big hit.

The moment you step into Sacartz you will be transformed to Italy and you would never want to come back to reality. The art restaurant not only specializes in the art work that is hung on the walls, but also is bound to satisfy the authentic Italian palate that one has been waiting to find. The walls of Italian art in Sacartz speak volumes about Italy and transform the place to mini Italy that can take your stress away. The colourful surroundings, amazing architecture and authentic menu at Sacartz are sure to take you to the magical place, Italy!

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